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Welcome to INTERASMA, welcome to the XXII World Congress of Asthma 2014 Mexico City!


INTERASMA, the Global Asthma Association, is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Over the last six decades, INTERASMA has contributed to asthma education for specialists,non-specialists, other healthcare providers as well as the general public. WCA 2014 Mexico City is held as a part of the INTERASMA mission. INTERASMA is a unique organization, gathering all those people interested in this disease, which has become a public health problem in the 21st century.


INTERASMA is an international organization in a changing world that is facing dramatic and positive change. INTERASMA wants to be part of this change, adapting itself to this fascinating and challenging new world. Many changes are being promoted; among them, this high quality program, following the trend that was opened in Monaco 2008 and continued later in Athens and in Quebec during WCA 2012 Canada. The new official INTERASMA Journal “Asthma Research and Practice” is a BMC journal that will facilitate an open-access to the late-breaking information and recommendations about asthma all over the world, including low-income countries. A new INTERASMA website is now available. These and other on going reforms will be shown to all of you during the very first INTERASMA Congress Assembly (see the program).


We are excited about these new initiatives to offer all of you a 21st Century INTERASMA and we kindly invite you to join INTERASMA in its efforts on a global, regional and country level.


Now, here we are, in beautiful Mexico City, one of the most outstanding cultural cities in the Americas and we have an outstanding program to allow all participants to enjoy science, but also, to have an immediate translation from research into daily clinical practice.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome to Mexico City, welcome to INTERASMA!






Dear Colleagues:


On behalf of the local Organizing Committee of the Interasma WCA-2014, that I am honored to chair, we want to cordially welcome you to beautiful Mexico City.


The Organizing Committee has prepared a scientific programme that includes the most current and relevant topics on asthma and its comorbidities. We have done everything in our power to bring the professors with the greatest recognition in the different topics that will be addressed.


Likewise, we chose the Hilton Hotel, located downtown, as it is very close to the tourist attractions that Mexico City has to offer.


We are sure that you will enjoy a top class academic programme, a wonderful weather, many tourist attractions, delicious food and, most important of all, the characteristic hospitality of the Mexican people.


We look forward to seeing you hoping that it will be an unforgettable experience for you.