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Scientific Program - Monday March 31
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ACAAI Symposium: "The Impact of Immunotherapy on Difficult to Manage Atopic Disorders"

Chair: Michael B. Foggs


Leonard Bielory,"The impact of immunotherapy on severe ocular allergy"
Dana V. Wallace, "The impact of immunotherapy on severe allergic sinusitis"
Lawrence DuBuske, "The impact of immunotherapy on severe allergic asthma"


"Asthma comorbidities"

Ralph Mösges, Isabel Rojo


Torsten Zuberbier, “The natural history from the skin to the lung”
Ruby Pawankar, “United Airways Disease: the integrated treatment strategy”
Giovanni Passalacqua, “AIT in United Airways Disease”
Iván Chérrez, "Asthma and sleep disturbance"


"Management of pediatric asthma"

Chairs: José S. Lozano Saenz, Eugenio Baraldi

Manuel Soto-Quirós, “Asthma predictive index”
Søren Pedersen, “Perception of control versus reality of control”
Giovanni A. Rossi, “Variation in response to asthma treatment”
Peter Le Souëf, "Polymorphism and medications response"

Oral Session: "Asthma: a disease of many phenotypes"

Nicola Scichilone, Mário Morais de Almeida, Gailen D. Marshall




































"Adherence to treatment"

Chairs: Héctor A. Badellino, Ioannis Ntanos

Mario Sánchez Borges, "Impact of non-adherence”
Cynthia Rand, “Determinants of adherence”
J. Christian Virchow, “Impact of devices on adherence in asthma”
Dermot Ryan,
"New tools for monitoring adherence of asthma"


GARD Symposium

Chairs: Arzu Yorgancioğlu, Juan C. Sisul Alvariza

Arzu Yorgancioğlu, "Country focused activities"
Alvaro A. Cruz, "GARD Action Plan 2014-2018"
Ronald Dahl, "Asthma and COPD in the frame of GARD"
Nikolai Khaltaev, "WHO perspective in 2014"

"Asthma in pre-school children"

Peter Le Souëf, Désirée Larenas Linnemann

Luis R. Caraballo,
"Incidence of wheezing in children of the FRAAT cohort"
Leonard Bacharier, “Predicting response to treatment in preschool children”
Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani, “Virus and allergens, which is first?”
Giovanni A. Rossi, “RSV-bronchiolitis and recurrent wheeze”
Oral Session: "Inflammatory and environmental events"

Chairs: Victoria Cardona Dahl, Herberto
José Chong Neto, Gundi Steinhilber
Coffee Break

















Keynote Lecture: "Paul O' Byrne Conference"

Chairs: J. Christian Virchow, Miguel Salazar

Gustavo Rodrigo, "Treating asthma exacerbation in childhood and adults"




Lunch Break


Symposium....................... non CME

"Control y Protección en Asma"

Chair: Isabel Rojo


Isabel Rojo, Bienvenida e Introducción
Vivian Moncayo, "Inflamación y Remodelación"
Isabel Rojo, "Terapia combinada y Sinergia en Asma"
Maria Antonieta Rivera, "Asma y Embarazo"

Sesión Preguntas y Respuestas



organized by AstraZeneca

WAO Symposium


Chairs: Sergio Bonini, Luis Caraballo

Ruby Pawankar, "The Microbiome and IgE in airways disease"
Mario Sánchez-Borges, "The Paramount Role of allergy in rhinitis and rhinosinusitis"
Lanny Rosenwasser,
"Asthma and obesity: Insights into cytokine - adipokine mechanisms"

Oral Session: Genetics and biomarkers"

Chairs: Massimo Triggiani, Martín Becerril

















Plenary Session: "Severe asthma:
Similarities in childhood and adulthood"

Chairs: Lanny Rosenwasser, Gustavo Rodrigo

Nicola A. Hanania, “Biomarkers in severe asthma”
Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani, “WHO diagnosis and definitions of severe asthma”
Eugenio Baraldi, “Difficult to control severe asthma in childhood”
Coffee Break


SLaai Latin American Society Symposium:
"Atopy and rhinitis in asthma in Latin America"

Chairs: Juan C. Sisul Alvariza, Anahí Yáñez

Mario Zernotti, "Impact of rhinosinusitis and nasal polyps in asthma"
Alfonso Cepeda, "Asthma, atopy and parasites"
Sandra N. González Díaz, "Asthma management in Latin America"
Ignacio Ansotegui, "Assessment of small airways in asthma"

"Biologic agents in asthma"

Chairs: Pierluigi Mauri, Elopy Sibanda

G. Walter Canonica, “Updates on biological agents in asthma”
Nicola A. Hanania, “Anti-Cytokines MAbs”
Lanny Rosenwasser, “Towards personalized medicine”
Rudolf Valenta, "Allergen-specific IgG for the treatment and prevention of allergy"
"Allergy and immunotherapy"

Chairs: Enrico Compalati, Martín Becerril

Désirée Larenas-Linnemann, “Injective AIT”
Giovanni Passalacqua, “Sublingual AIT”
Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani, “AIT: does it work in asthma?”
Alessandro Fiocchi, "AIT beyond asthma and rhinitis"


































"Challenges for a better treatment"

Stefano Centanni, Alfonso Cepeda

Andrea Rossi, “Fixed airflow obstruction in asthma”
Alvaro A. Cruz, “Good care is cheaper than poor care”
Gianenrico Senna, “Alternative medicine in asthma: Does it work?”
Giovanni Passalacqua, "Alternative medicine in allergic rhinitis: Does it work?"
"Novelties in asthma diagnosis and management"

Edgardo Jares, George Tatsis

Ignacio Ansotegui, “Role of component resolved diagnosis in allergic asthma”
Lanny Rosenwasser, “Predictive biomarkers for asthma treatment”
Rudolf Valenta, “Recombinant allergens in asthma management” Lawrence DuBuske, "New perspectives in asthma treatment"
"Hot topics in asthma IV: pediatrics"

Arnaldo Capriles, Alvaro Pedroza

Mário Morais de Almeida, “Food and its relationship to asthma”
Alessandro Fiocchi, "What have we learned from DRACMA?"
Giovanni Melioli, “Impact of allergy molecular diagnosis of food allergy”
Héctor A. Badellino,
“AIT for food and asthma”
Poster Session II: "From biomarkers to new treatment"

Chairs: Gabriela Galindo, Mabel Cuello, Raúl Barnica


Presidential Dinner (by invitation only)


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