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Scientific Program - Sunday March 30
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"Acute asthma and exacerbations"

Chairs: Alvaro Teijeiro, Fernando Iduñate Palacios

Gustavo Rodrigo,
“Asthma in the emergency department”
Francine Ducharme, “The evidence-based management of acute asthma in children”
Mark FitzGerald, “Prevention of exacerbations”
Andrea Rossi, "Management of exacerbations in patients with overlapping syndrome"

"News in asthma treatment"

Chairs: Giovanni Passalacqua, Nikolaos Siafakas

Ronald Dahl, “New combinations for asthma treatment”
Alberto Papi, “Virus infections induces steroid resistance in the airway”
Lawrence DuBuske, “AIT (Allergen ImmunoTherapy) in asthma treatment”
Sergio Bonini, "Regulatory perspective of the growing market of asthma treatment"

"From early wheezing to COPD"

Chairs: Francisco Cuevas Schacht, Carlos Báez Loyola

Dirceu Solé,
"Prevalence of recurrent wheezing in toddlers"
Peter LeSouëf, "The influence of childhood wheezing on adults"
Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani, “Trajectory of lung function”
Eugenio Baraldi, “Early risk factors for COPD”

AFI Seminar

Jonathan A. Bernstein, Leonard Bielory

Jonathan A. Bernstein, "Asthma Management: Beyond Pharmacotherapy"

Edgardo Jares, "Occupational asthma: Diagnosis and treatment"

Lyndon Mansfield, "New advances in the pharmacologic treatment of asthma"


"Asthma in different parts of the world"

Chairs: Dermot Ryan, Alvaro A. Cruz

Arnaldo Capriles,
“Asthma in lower-middle income regions LATAM"
Elopy Sibanda, “Asthma in Southern Africa”
Arzu Yorgancioğlu, “Challenges & opportunities in diverse settings”
Carlos Nunes, "Disparities in asthma management in Europe"
"Risk factors for asthma and COPD"

Chairs: Stefano Centanni, Anahí Yáñez

Maximiliano Gómez, “Tobacco smoke and strategies of prevention”
Jonathan A. Bernstein, “Influence of climate change on respiratory disease”
Stephen Holgate, “How does epithelial integrity protect against environment insults”
Juan Carlos Celedón, “Genetic factors and asthma"
"Allergic rhinitis and asthma in childhood"

Chairs: Manuel Soto-Quirós, Héctor A. Badellino

Dirceu Solé,
“Epidemiology and risk factors”
Alessandro Fiocchi, “Comorbidities”
Mario Zernotti, “ARIA integrated management”
José A. Sacre Hazouri, "Combined management"
"From manifestos to the future"

Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani, G. Walter Canonica, Lanny Rosenwasser, Alfonso Cepeda
















Coffee Break


Keynote Lecture: "Claude Lenfant Conference"

Chairs: Francisco Cuevas Schacht, Ignacio Ansotegui

Juan-Carlos Celedón,
“What has been learned from genome-wide association studies”




Lunch Break


Symposium........................................................non CME

Chair: Carlos Báez Loyola

Carlos Báez Loyola,
"Welcome and introduction"
Emilio Pizzichini,
"Where is the gap and why does it exist? Perceptions of asthma control and current approaches to asthma management"
Mark FitzGerald,
"Could novel therapies bridge the gap? New evidence on emerging treatment options"
Gustavo Rodrigo,
"Could there be a role for anticholinergics in addressing the asthma management gap?"

Q&A discussion

Carlos Báez Loyola,
"Closing Remarks"



organized by Boehringer-Ingelheim

FENO and other markers in asthma

Chairs: Alvaro Teijeiro, Marco Caminati

Mario Sánchez-Borges,
“Introduction: FENO and other markers in asthma”
Miguel Lanz, “FENO in Latino children with asthma”
Joaquín Sastre, “FENO in respiratory disorders: The European perspective”
SPAIC Symposium: "Asthma from genetic to treatment"

Chairs: Carlos Nunes, Cristina Santa Marta

Celso Pereira, "Genetic markers in allergic asthma"
Mário Morais de Almeida, "Asthma treatment versus phenotypes and endotypes"
Rodrigo Rodrigues-Alves, "The aerosol therapy and lung deposition in children"


Plenary Session: "GINA: Global strategy for asthma management and prevention, 2014"

Chairs: Alvaro A. Cruz, Louis-Philippe Boulet

Mark FitzGerald,
“Background and methodology”
Louis-Philippe Boulet, “Asthma management for adults”
Søren Pedersen, “Asthma management for young children”
Mark FitzGerald, “Prevention and management of acute asthma”








Coffee Break


"Asthma phenotypes II"

Chairs: Pablo Moreno, Ruby Pawankar

Fernando Holguín, “Asthma and obesity: What is the relationship?”
Sergio Bonini, “Asthma and sports”
Louis-Philippe Boulet, “Non-atopic asthma”
Emilio Pizzichini, "Inflammatory phenotypes"
"Hot topics in asthma II"

Chairs: Ronald Dahl, Noel Rodríguez Pérez

Carlo Lombardi, “Immigrants and allergy/asthma”
Nikolaos Siafakas, “Epigenetic DNA asthma in smoking asthmatic”
Philip J. Cooper, “Environment peculiarities in LATAM”
Dermot Ryan, "Asthma control in real-life"
"Hot topics in asthma III: pediatrics"

Chairs: Ralph Mösges, Marilyn Urrutia Pereira

Juan Carlos Celedón,
“Vitamin D and asthma in children"
María Virginia Blandón, "Effect of obesity on bronchial hyperactivity in Latino children"
Maximiliano Gómez, “Effects of tobacco smoking on exacerbations in rhinitis & asthma”
Giovanni A. Rossi, "RSV immuno-prophylaxis in high-risk infants"

"Inflammation and control in asthma"

Chair: Gianenrico Senna

Alberto Papi, "Asthma patient characteristics; beyond phenotypes"
Nicola Scichilone, "The speed in achieving asthma control; what matters?"


"Allergic components of asthma"

Chairs: Iván Chérrez, Luigi Fontana

Dermot Ryan,
“Importance of allergic diagnosis in the management of asthma”
Ralph Mösges, “Rhinitis/ARIA in primary care”
Enrico Compalati, "AIT-Allergen immunotherapy”
Stephen Holgate, "Immune circuit in asthma"

"Adherence to treatment"

Chairs: Mario Sánchez Borges, Gailen D. Marshall

J. Christian Virchow,
“Factors affecting adherence in real life”
Fulvio Braido, “A lesson to be learned, PAP-Patient Adherence Project”
Cynthia Rand, “How can we improve adherence?”
Gianenrico Senna, "Adherence to AIT"
"Severe asthma in childhood"

Chairs: Søren Pedersen, Alvaro Teijeiro

Fernando Holguín,
“Lessons from the NHLBI, severe asthma research program”
Eugenio Baraldi, “Asthma severity, the European perspective”
Leonard Bacharier, “Treatment: asthmatic children are not little adults"
Poster Session I: "Asthma phenotypes and related issues"

Chairs: Manlio Milanese, Carlos Báez Loyola, Panagiotis Demertzis
















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