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Scientific Program - Tuesday April 1
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Plenary Session: “Asthma and COPD overlap syndrome”

Chairs: Ronald Dahl, Rogelio Pérez Padilla

Louis-Philippe Boulet, “Pathogenic and clinical aspects of the overlapping syndrome”
J. Christian Virchow, “Therapeutic aspects”
Fulvio Braido, “Future drugs for asthma and COPD”






















"Asthma education"

Chairs: Dana Wallace, Carlo Lombardi

Francine Ducharme,
“How to develop an asthma education”
Gailen D. Marshall, “How to address barriers to make effective education”
Victoria Cardona Dahl, “Tailored education in illiterate children” Antje-H. Fink-Wagner, “The well controlled asthma patient - a myth?”

"Neglected aspects in asthma management"

Chairs: Sandra N. González Díaz, Marco Caminati

Sandra N. González Díaz,
“Asthma in pregnancy”
Fulvio Braido,
“Sleep disturbances in respiratory diseases”
Carlos Nunes,
“Socio-economic aspects"

Joaquín Sastre, “Cough in the workplace: An EAACI position paper"

"Asthma initiatives in children"

Chairs: Héctor A. Badellino, Francisco Cuevas Schacht

Manuel Soto-Quirós,
“GINA under 5 years”
Peter Le Souëf, “ICON”
Sharon Dell, “Canadian recommendations for diagnosis and treatment in preschoolers and early schoolchildren”

Coffee Break


Keynote Lecture: "Albert K. Oehling Conference"

Chairs: Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani, G. Walter Canonica

Ronald Dahl,
“The eosinophil granulocyte and asthma, allergy and related disorders”




Lunch Break


Symposium.........................non CME

Chair: Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani

Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani,
Lanny Rosenwasser,
"The role of small airways in asthma"
G. Walter Canonica,
"Assessment and management of small airways in asthma"
Alberto Papi,
"Optimizing combination therapy of small airways in asthma"
Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani,
"Concluding remarks and Q&A"


organized by Chiesi

Oral Session: "Asthma new treatments"

Chairs: Gundi Steinhilber, Alvaro A. Cruz, Marcela Soria















"Phenotypes and exacerbation"

Chairs: Lawrence DuBuske, Sandra N. González Díaz

Gailen D. Marshall, “Immune mechanisms in asthma based on gender and race therapeutic implications”
Ronald Dahl, “Allergens in acute asthma exacerbations”
Andrea Rossi, "Exacerbations and lung function decline"
Hot topics in asthma V"

Chairs: Juan C. Ivancevich, Héctor Stone Aguilar

Nelson A. Rosario, “Should we prefer continuous treatment?”
Giovanni Melioli,
“Bacterial lysates: New evidence”
Rudolf Valenta,
"Immunotherapy trials with genetically modified grass pollen allergens"




















Closing Ceremony


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